About ReprésenTées

Arlan Hamilton, the inspiring founder of Backstage Capital, once said: “Women and minorities are not just underrepresented; they are also underestimated.”

What image comes to mind when you picture a film director? A scientist? An engineer? A CEO?

Throughout our history, the images of leaders across dozens of professional fields have mostly fit a very narrow category. As a result, women and minorities face the constant challenge of not being taken seriously.

I’m a film director by trade and I have experienced this problem firsthand. Hundreds of times.

In July 2017, I began making t-shirts emblazoned with the message “This Is What a Film Director Looks Like.” I find it incredibly empowering to wear a message linked to my greatest challenge and frustration… with the potential to change the minds of those who read it. And whenever I wear it, it’s always an amazing conversation starter.

Now I would love to offer the same opportunity to others and spread this message even farther. In this debut collection, I’m featuring t-shirts that promote the visibility of film directors, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists.

The name ReprésenTées has a double meaning: “Représentées” in French means “represented”. It’s also composed of “Represent”and “Tees” (t-shirts) – I see it as “tees for representation”.

I’d be delighted to hear from you, if you belong to other professions, and make a T-shirt for you. You can reach out to me at hello [at] representees [dot] org